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Unlimited Broadband + Switching is easy

We’re full fibre fanatics, delivering the ultimate in hyperfast, rock solid broadband direct to your property.

Throw in top wired speeds reaching an average of 40Mbps, ultra-flexible packages, refreshingly good customer service, and boom! You’ve got broadband that’ll blow your socks off.



We assure you there would be minimal of down time i.e 99.99%.


Easy  Installation

Submit your requirement we will connect you with our network in very shorter time..

Great Speed

Dedicated to delivering super-fast broadband, not only are our download speeds faster than ADSL, we have the best upload speeds going. Working in the cloud is a breeze


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Quality  Network

Skynet Communicaton provides your everything which you need high speed internet,customer support

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We’re taking care of business and your home network, Supporting your business with low prices all year round. Having a good internet connection is more important than ever, whether you use it for gaming, streaming, or smart home services – we’ll help find the best and cheapest deal for you.


“To see 40 Mbps on my monitor was a dream come true!! As a Sound Engg, I am able to upload large files of high-quality FLAC music files and to Download many music software. All these were a big headache in the past. With Skynet, This can be done in a matter of minutes. “

Rahul Nambiar

Sound Engg
I’ve had a great interaction with Skynet Broadband Customer Care Team. Shahnawaz was great to talk to and provided me a resolution very quickly. Thanks for the support and solution, saved my time alot


House Wife
Skynet works well for me. I wanted to know if it was possible to pay my internet bill online. The staff member guided me through the entire process and was very patient with me. Good to see that Skynet broadband values loyal customers.

Abhijit Pawar


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If you need help with something, you might find our online Help pages have just what you’re looking for.

We’ve pulled together handy info on routers, billing, speed, and install – plus lots more.